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“Portugal was born in the North", some may claim it through a popular old saying. Imagine, the rich cultural and historical heritage inherited, available to discover in the North of Portugal! With a magnificent historical center, UNESCO heritage, home of very authentic people and with a very welcoming heart, the presence of the river and the sea makes Porto, the capital in the North, one of the most interesting destinations inside Portugal. Join us and visit the North of Portugal!


The center of Portugal is a region where the sceneries are magical and cast pure energy. Picturesque beaches and villages, secular monuments, like Batalha Monastery, or the Convent of Christ, evidence the grandiosity, spirituality, and the Divine inside the people. In the center of Portugal you can find the Sanctuary of Fátima, place for pilgrimages, devotions, miracles and beliefs. Come and find out the Center of Portugal, a country inside a country!


Lisbon, the capital, to whom the Tagus and its hills give an unusual color and charm. The city was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755, bringing development and a new and more cosmopolitan vision to the city. It is now a well known and modern city in the world but it is also one of the oldest. More then 20 centuries of diverse cultural influences scrambles with the most modern trends and styles, creating truly fabulous contrasts. Ready to embark on this trip?


In Alentejo everything is different, time goes by, differently, dawn and dusk are dazzling. Évora it is called the “Museum City”, and its historic centre is UNESCO Heritage Site. Find your adventure, horse riding, walking, ballooning and boating. Which do you prefer? The long straights in endless countryside landscapes, very unique clothes, traditions and habits and at last but no least, wines and cuisine are waiting for you. Make a right choice, 3 or 6 days?


Algarve claims for itself the best climate and many of the best beaches in Europe. They are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful! Discover and enjoy some of the pearls that Algarve has, such as Costa Vicentina, in the Atlantic, the protected area of Ria Formosa, near Tavira, or the mountains of Monchique and Caldeirão. And by the way, are you in shape to know our history and culture while enjoying a beautiful coastline and a stupendous clime? There's no worth in hesitate, 3 or 6 days?