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History, Mission, Vision and Values

Who We Are

Tours Around Portugal is a Portuguese Tourism company dedicated to making our country, Portugal, known to our customers, that even though small is infinite!

We provide Transfers and Tours services combined of designed routes and client adapted.

We personalize trips, always taking into account the individual and group needs, so that the visits occur with ease, attention and suitable detail.

Our team is constituted of professional and dedicated guides and translators.

Our fleet, containing vehicles with 5 and 8 seats, is designed to obtain the greatest comfort and safety, so that your visit is always a memorable experience.

Our History


Two friends decided to invest in a common desire, to provide improved and personalized tourism offers to visitors in Fátima, consequently creating Fátima Mini Tours! First vehicle purchased, team of guides and interpreters assembled and the first guaranteed services, that would be Round-Trip Transfers, from Lisbon and Porto Airports, and guided tours by Fátima and other characteristic sites of the region.

2013 – 2017

Our first steps were taken, creating goals to improve the experiences and reaching them. For each group of adventurous and curious strangers that we collected at the Airport, we left them as a group of friends that will never be erased from each one of us and, certainly, from each one of them.


We became sole proprietorship, and our existence was a consolidated fact, each experience was unique and in all of them the feeling of gratitude towards our friends-customers remained.


We grew up. From two we became four, from one vehicle it became two. Most of our travelers arrived based on the recommendation of other customer-friends, therefore spreading a vote of confidence from customer-friend to customer-friend!


Tours Around Portugal was born. Coming from a desire, firstly, from our customers who desired for more, to know more and experience more. From desire, it became a goal and here we are! Let’s go, on this new trip, with and among friends, with a common taste for life, friendship, nature, culture and gastronomy, and of course, Portugal!


  • Mission

    The word mission always leads us into thinking of a movie of spies and secret agents full of adventure, journeys to far-away places, exotic culture and cuisine, stunning natural landscapes and ancient cities, in an intimate encounter with our spirituality.

    Although we are not a team of secret agents, our mission is everything for us! We intend to provide a memorable experience, with a service of excellence, comfort, serenity and adventure. We want to improve the experience of traveling through the touristic Portugal and reveal the beauty of the hidden Portugal.

  • Vision

    It is always difficult to look at the future and outline concrete plans, however, our vision is for Tours Around Portugal to become a benchmark in the International Tourism Panorama and for us to become Tourism Ambassadors in Portugal!

    In order for, when someone in Portugal, or elsewhere in the world, is interested in knowing what this country has to offer, to know that the best way to do is with our team.

  • Values

    We are a faith based business and passionate about our country and our work. Like all noble Portuguese folk, we have in our genetic and cultural code the act of welcoming.

    All of our goals are shaped by our values!

    Which are: providing a safe, educated, comfortable, fun, relaxing and unforgettable experience and that at the end of each tour the mutual feeling is Saudade.