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3 Days to explore

The center of Portugal is a region where all the sceneries are magical and cast pure energy. In Fátima you can find one of the most emblematic religious places in the world. Do you allow us to be your guide on this trip?

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Discovering Fátima

The Shrine of Fatima is one of the greatest references of Marian worship, which pilgrims come from all over the world.

Walk accompanied by our friendly and professional local guide in Fatima. Enjoy a guided tour of the Fatima Sanctuary followed by a pilgrimage to the core of the main apparitions linked to the Miracle of Fatima: the Valinhos. You can ask our guide for special meditation accompaniment. This tour passes through the Via Sacra and leads us to one of the apparitions of Our Lady, as to the Angel's place. After this trip we found ourselves near the village of Aljustrel where the little shepherds were born and which we will visit. We will then take a ride to visit the Parish Church of Fatima and receive a guided tour on the Olive Oil Museum.

Free afternoon
After this visit we are ready to enjoy a rest, because at 9.30 pm we can not miss the celebration in the chapel of Apparitions where the rosary is said and afterwards participate in the candle light procession.

Paths of History

Not far away from Fátima, we find a vast number of cities with massive timeless wealth and heritage.



We are already in our seats and the landscape around, that is offered by nature itself, is beautiful.

Shortly after, we will find the ideal village to make the first stop: Batalha, where we will visit Santa Maria da Vitória Monastery – classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. With a flashy Gothic style, had its construction extended for over 2 centuries without ever being finished.

In here, we will also witness the tribute paid by Portugal to the soldiers who fought in the First World War present in the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Next stop is Alcobaça, where we will visit the Monastery of Santa Maria d’Alcobaça - classified as World Heritage by UNESCO - this imposing monastery is one of the most impressive and beautiful testimonies of the Cistercian architecture throughout Europe. Its church is the first and largest in primitive Gothic style, built in Portugal during the Middle Ages.

At the end of the tour, we will have a mandatory stop at one of the most traditional confectioneries of the Portuguese Conventual Confectionery: Alcôa.



We will proceed our journey, this time, towards the sea, towards Nazaré.
In here smells like the sea, sand and salt and the fishing tradition of the village remains, so we suggest taking a break for a spontaneous lunch at a local restaurant.

The city is known for its giant waves, shown to the world by the unbeatable records achieved in them. The “Nazaré Cannon” is one of the most pursued surf destinations in the world.

However, Nazaré it´s not just that, at all! Actually, much before this giant waves being explored, is known for the several legends and the cult to Our Lady of Nazaré and we will visit its Sanctuary, as well as the Chapel, built in celebration of the Miracle that took place here in the XII century.

We will finish our discoveries in Óbidos by taking a visit at this village, which is one of the most picturesque in Portugal. It is all about history, from the Paleolithic period, through the Roman and Arab periods. Within walls, in a medieval style, we will see a well-kept castle and a maze of streets and white houses that delight those who stroll there.
Among Manueline porches, flowered windows and small squares, there are numerous reasons to visit and good examples of the religious and civil architecture of the golden times of the village.

Well, we can only be as amazed as we are tired, so we will return to the hotel to recover our energies for tomorrow.


The Templars

Much is said about the Templars, this enigmatic Order, created to preserve and protect the Holy Land and its pilgrimages, an order that became the strongest, richest and most independent of the controls of Kings and the Pope. Only God and His rules dictated their way.
Years later, all this power made them be pursued by the same men who accepted their creation.
Today, we have traces of heritage, architecture, knowledge and data in the few books that have survived over the centuries…
However, this mysterious order of Christian Knights also left a rich inheritance in our imagination, where legends mix with truths and inspire us, from stories and tales in the style of “King Arthur” to the great Hollywood productions.

In fact, did you know that, nowadays, rumors and investigations still prevail that the Holy Grail is in Tomar


Our first stop will be in Tomar, the city par excellence of the Templar Knights. We will follow the clues, we will learn about the Templars and their secrets, we will visit the Castle and the Convent of Christ - In the Middle Age, this World Heritage location was the headquarters of the Portuguese Templar Knights.

From here on, all the air that you breathe is involved in belief, faith, magic and mystery and you can even feel this secret world in the bones of your body.
We go down to the historical center where we find colorful gardens on the shore of the Nabão river and also religious places of interest, such as the XVth century church of São João Batista and the old Synagogue.
This Templar experience does not end here! We will be eat like real knights in the main square, where a medieval lunch awaits us at “Taberna Antiqua”.


Now we are ready to continue our tour and even if we don’t have any armor on the chest, at least, our bellies are very happy.
Santa Maria dos Olivais Church is our next stop - this Gothic church was used as the burial place of the Templar Knights and later of the Order of Christ, the successors of the Templars in Portugal.
Our last stop is Almourol Castle. Its construction was ordered by Gualdim Pais, Grand Master of the Portuguese Templars. It is located on a small island in the Tejo River, making this a strategic point in the defense of the Portuguese Kingdom. The route to the castle is made by boat and our visit ends at this stunning fortress.

Well, to be honest, it only ends when we arrive at the hotel, which will be about 40 minutes away and this is the greatest feature of Portugal and this program, in whatever direction Fatima is, in just a few dozen kilometers, we have diverse cultural realities, spectacular heritage, geography and many stories to learn, tell and remember!

With that said, let's rest our bodies and mind, because tomorrow there is much more to discover!

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