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3 Days to explore

Lisbon, the capital, the daughter that came from the marriage between the Tagus River and Atlantic Ocean. 7 are the hills that give it an unusual color and charm. Ready to embark on this trip? Will 3 days be good? Maybe 6 days is even better?

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Walking in Lisbon

“Who never saw Lisbon, never saw something good.” Popular saying.



We just woke up and are very comfortable, so, let's stretch the body! Here comes a walk around Lisbon.


This city feels different on foot, and our kindly and professional local guide, who will keep you company on this tour, can confirm that.


Lisbon is an ancient town that has suffered sieges in terrible battles and was destroyed by earthquakes and tsunamis, but that has always been rebuilt. Lisbon has modernized, has become “in”, technological and cosmopolitan, however, still maintaining all the charm and traces of the past.

It is this somewhat-old, half-contemporary Lisbon that we will get to know, starting by visiting Figueira Square; the São Jorge Castle - National Monument that integrates in the noble and ancient area of the medieval citadel, constituted by the castle, the traces of the old royal palace and part of a residential area for elites, and our unique and peculiar, with views to the Tejo River, Baixa de Lisboa (eng Downtown Lisbon)!


For now, we leave a suggestion for you to discover the gastronomic charms of Lisbon and have lunch in Baixa, in one of the typical restaurants.



Since we have satisfied our appetite, we will ascend to the “roof of old Lisbon”, we will take the Santa Justa Elevator to Chiado Neighborhood, where we will have the opportunity to wander the streets and other locations, spending the afternoon there.

Exiting the elevator, we will come face to face with the Carmo Convent and Chiado Square right around the corner, meanwhile it’s almost time of “bica” (eng expresso) and we have an appointment with one of the greatest Portuguese Poets, Fernando Pessoa, well, to be more exact, with his statue, on its usual place, “A Brasileira”, one of the most famous, distinguished and ancient coffee shops in Lisbon.


After that moment, we will go down to Augusta Street, one of the main streets in the city and which, nowadays, means life, culture and nightlife.



From Belém to "Oriente"



Our second day in Lisbon starts in Belém, where you will find some touristic sights that will surprise you all morning. The first one is the Belem Tower, followed by the Jerónimos Monastery and, right in front, the Monument to the Discoveries.


Lunch will be, like always, in a local restaurant with the best of Portuguese gastronomy, however, this time, don't order dessert already, unless you have a very sweet tooth, the best is yet to come! Since we are in Belém, we will drink the “bica” at the famous Belem Pastry Shop and of course, try one of the relics of Portuguese delicacies, the famous Pastéis de Belém (eng custard tart), a centenary recipe whose secret is behind well kept. Still warm and with a little cinnamon and powdered sugar on top and "hmmmm, hmm!" Even those with a not so sensitive palate will surrender to this delicacy.






During the afternoon we will go to another very different region from the ones we saw so far, we will go from Belém to the Oriente (eng East), the eastern part of the city is the other half of Lisbon, the new and fresh Lisbon, which is located in Parque das Nações (eng Nation’s Park)


This part of town was established for Expo 98 - the last world exhibition of the XX. century. Nowadays, the place has the Oceanarium - the most visited cultural equipment in Portugal – which is a large aquarium where children and adults learn and have fun.

Right next to it, we find the Lisbon Cable Car, which guarantees a stroll and incredible views of the city and the Tejo River.


After the tour, enjoy a break at your hotel and get ready to experience the nightlife and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Lisbon!


Budhas and Walls


It’s our last night in Lisbon, so we are going to enjoy the day very well!
Let’s go up a little north of Lisbon to spend a wonderful day at the largest oriental garden in Europe: Bacalhôa Buddha Éden, also known as Peace Garden! It is a unique place where we can find a set of impressive sculptures while being inserted in a wine region. Without a doubt, our day will be somewhat Zen, also counting with lunch and wine tasting.


Our afternoon will be evenly well spent, still north of Lisbon.
Óbidos, does this name mean anything to you? No? But it will definitely be one of the words that will stay forever in your memory!
Picture a western village of the Middle Ages lost somewhere in Europe, which created a protective shield that preserved it for over a thousand years, remaining in that remote place. Can you visualize it or do our whimsical suggestions go beyond your creative capacity?
Anyway, you don’t need to remain picturing!
Óbidos is all this without a protective shield, it is a miracle of chance.
This medieval village is one of the most picturesque and best preserved in Portugal. Within walls, we find a well-kept castle and a maze of streets and white houses that enchant those who pass by. Among Manueline porches, flowered windows and small squares, you will discover several reasons to visit and good examples of the religious and civil architecture of the golden times of the village.
It will, undoubtedly, be a very iconic and special tour and a great way to end the day!
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