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6 days to explore

During this journey you will discover this amazing and very interesting region of Portugal. Besides the beautifull beaches, there is history, culture and adventure to enjoy. Join us?

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The Arrival

Welcome to Portugal!
This are your first hours, on your first day in our wonderful country.
You may relax now, you are in good hands. From your arrival to your departure we will be only and exclusively, here, for you.
We will show you what makes, Portugal a single, unique and predilected destination.
We will show you, our so beloved Portugal.
The next days, are for you, and will be discovering Faro and its surroundings.
Let's begin this trip with a welcome surprise, so that afterwards, we may proceed with safety and comfort, heading to the first destination inside Portugal: Faro. 
Anyone who visits Farol takes with them more than images to show off, bring stories and history, experiences and emotions, memories that last for life.
Carries back home, a piece of us, of Faro and of Portugal.

West of Algarve

We will start this tour discovering Lagos and Sagres in the Algarve region, - which derives from the Arabic word, «Algarbe», "the west", each place has its singularity, but both have an unmistakable beauty and charm.


On one hand, we will contemplate the History of Man and its architectural legacy from the Arab influence, to military structures and on the other hand we have to go back thousands of years in the History of our planet to understand how the natural landscape was shaped to present us such creation of Mother Nature!



Enough with the small talk! We are awake and already had breakfast and we are feeling strong and in a good mood, attentive and curious! Without further delay, we set sail on this discovery boat.


First stop is Lagos! This small land remains faithful to the image of a fisherman’s village, its streets still reveal an Arab presence that has been maintained for several centuries, being the last territory to be regained. We begin our tour at the historic center of the town, then move on to the Ponta da Bandeira Fortress, dated from the XVII. century, that besides offering us centuries of history, contemplate us with a magnificent landscape over the city and the sea.


By this time, the sea air has already given us an appetite and the gastronomy of Algarve has a lot to offer, so we suggest a good fresh grilled fish in a local restaurant.



Now that our taste buds are satisfied and our appetite is fulfilled, we head towards Sagres, passing through Ponta da Piedade (eng Point of Mercy), a headland with a group of rock formations, caves and tunnels sculpted by the wind that is one of the most extraordinary scenarios in the south of Portugal.


To end this day and before returning to the hotel for our well-deserved rest, as stated, we will have our promised visit to the Sagres Fort, where we will find, in addition to the architectural structures of military defense, an incredible panoramic view over the São Vicente Cape and where the crossing between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean takes place.


Spare a brief moment to contemplate the Sea, the Ocean and all this immensity of water, in its magnificence that unites us all.

From the Mountain to the Beach

We see a great day ahead! Algarve is not only made of beach and sea, it is also made of heights such as the Monchique mountains, a place of waterfalls, fresh and crystalline water, oaks and chestnut trees, native species and a well-preserved natural reserve, which was not affected by the easy profit of eucalyptus like other regions of the country.


But well, we are not here to whine!


We will contemplate historic villages like the village of Alvor, an area of nature reserves like its Ria, which is the home of residents and tourists with feathers, no, we are not crazy, just cheerful! Feathered residents and tourists are local and migratory birds! Bringing a certain brightness and color to this place, there are species as diverse as the Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Bonelli's Warbler or Flamingos, consequently assuming great significance in the panorama of national ornithology.



We will start the day with a climb to Fóia’s Peak, the highest point in the Algarve and the second in the south of Portugal, with 902 meters. Open your eyes and contemplate the wonderful landscape, which changes between games of light and color depending on the time of day and weather conditions you visit. Even though it is always a stunning landscape, without a doubt!


After that, as everything that goes up must also go down, we go down to Monchique.

Here, the mountain stands out and its home to picturesque cobbled streets, a local market and several festivals and fairs throughout the year. You can see some beautiful pieces of art in local galleries, including the Santo António Gallery and the Monchique’s Religious Art Core.


Enjoy and feel inspired by the local art and the pieces that surround it.

Next, we will head to Alvor for a nice lunch at a local restaurant.




We will visit the picturesque Alvor Village, near Portimão, which represents a link between history, heritage and natural beauty.


Walking on its streets is a real exercise for the senses! The Arab presence is felt throughout the construction, in addition to the town’s name: Alvor or Al-Bûr (as it was called). We invite you to go up and down the streets searching the best view of one of the most impressive landscapes in Algarve: The Ria de Alvor.


Lastly, for all the great long days of our life, we also ask for a great long and well-deserved rest, so we return to the Hotel.


Castro Marim is so much!

Another day, another adventure! We bet on how well you rested and still bring in the memories the enthusiasm of yesterday's visit, so let's enjoy the good swell and proceed to get to know the best of Algarve! We could never not introduce to you the Guadiana River Valley estuary, from where the small village of Castro Marim emerges. An inevitable historical landmark, it was a region to protect the south coast of Portugal - erstwhile the Castro Marim hill was a long island that defended the Guadiana borders and dominated the entire river mouth.



There is a popular Portuguese saying that says: In the morning we start the day! We take this popular knowledge very seriously, so we prepared to start the visit with a walking tour of this picturesque village and the Castro Marim’s Medieval Castle, which faces Ayamont, a Spanish city.

Outside the castle, we will see the Fort of São Sebastião and the Mother Church of Our Lady of Martyrs, whose highlight is its beautiful dome. Inside, you will find the XV. century images of the “Messenger of God”, the Angel Gabriel, of Our Lady of Martyrs (XVI) and Saint Lucia (XVIII).


By this time, we probably feel the munchies, so let’s go look for a place to have lunch, never forgetting our other tour of Portuguese gastronomy, particularly the Regional Gastronomy of the Algarve, therefore, having lunch is always in a traditional local restaurant.



The afternoon will start with a visit to the Sapal Nature Reserve, where you can appreciate all the unique beauty of its fauna and flora and where the flamingos feed and getting to know its streak characteristics that take us to the Guadiana River and invite you to a unique and unmissable boat trip.


Castro Marim is a complete town that offers us the beaches, the mountains and the river.


And finally, do not forget about the arbutus fruit, that when distilled you get a delicious brandy, appreciated by those who have tasted it and exported to almost everywhere internationally.


Next, we suggest a visit to the salty SPA, also known as the beach and before returning, we will stop by the viewpoint of Odeleite.


After the visit, we will return to the hotel to replenish our energies, because after all, being a tourist in Algarve can be pleasantly tiring!



We dedicate this day to the town of Silves, where we can still find the Islamic heritage in our culture. It is around here that we will also find some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and caves that, due to their beauty and spirituality, are called "Cathedral." Everything ready to lift up the anchor and set sail for another splendid day?



We love to start tours in Castles, it is always a very noble place to start the morning, since, usually, they are located in the highest areas of a place, so from there it is always going down and we already know that going down it’s easier than going up! We are not lazy! We just look out for your well-being and want to provide you a comfortable visit. Without further do, the visit begins at Al-Hamra Castle, with more than a thousand years of existence and military architecture.


Silves is a unique and charming city for how well it marries these different cultures. To better understand, we also suggest a visit to the House of Islamic and Mediterranean Culture, located in the former Municipal Slaughterhouse.


Since a break always feels good, how about one to discover a little more about what local cuisine has to offer, during lunch at a local restaurant?



We suggest a visit to Carvoeiro beach, voted the best beach in Europe in 2018, by European Best Destinations, considering the location of Carvoeiro, as a "small village full of charm".


In the end, be sure to make a boat trip to one of the caves in this place: Benagil, - the most famous of the rock formations - this gigantic cave is sometimes referred as Benagil’s Cathedral, due to the several arches it forms, and which gives it the appearance of a cathedral.


After the visit, return to the hotel for a well-deserved rest.

The farewell

We got to our final day and farewell is to be given, but first, let us enjoy our last moments on this trip, together.

Without any dought we are sad with the goodbye, no one prepares us for this wonderfull and intense experience, but time flyes and passing it with friends makes everything more authentic and meaningfull.

We, Portuguese are not very good with goodbyes...
We mixture the sadness of the departure, with the joy of the decision to come!
Definitly the word "saudade", that proudly we say it is ours,
with you we may share it now!

Hope you enjoyed this time together as much as we did
Até Já!
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