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6 days to explore

“Portugal was born in the North", some may claim it through an old popular saying. Can you imagine the rich heritage, available to discover? Choose how much of your time, you want to devote to this experience? 3 or 6 days?

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The Arrival

Welcome to Portugal!
These are your first hours, on your first day in our wonderful country.
You may relax now, you are in good hands. From your arrival to your departure we will be only and exclusively, here, for you.
We will show you what makes, Portugal a single, unique and predilected destination.
We will show you, our so beloved Portugal.
The next days, are for you, and will be discovering Porto and the North of Portugal.
Let's begin this trip with a welcome surprise, so that afterwards, we may proceed with safety and comfort, heading to the first destination inside Portugal: Porto. 
Anyone who visits Porto and the North of Portugal takes with them more than images to show off, bring stories and history, experiences and emotions, memories that last for life.
Carries back home, a piece of us, of Porto and the North of Portugal.


Walking in Porto

Portugal was born in the North and the rich cultural heritage of the region does not leave such noble and ancient origins ignored.
Tradition, culture, history, architecture, gastronomy and wine, landscape, hospitality and the joy of its people are attributes of an unique region.

Fueled with a strong breakfast and full with energy, we will departure in the morning, for a walk starting at Avenida dos Aliados, which will be our meeting point with the guide who will accompany us on our visit inside Porto, contemplating its beautiful streets and emblematic places like:

Carmelite Church;
Lello Bookstore;
Clerigos Tower;
S. Bento Railway Station;
Porto Cathedral;

If you are already mesmerized, with what proceeds, continue like that you will.
The chalenge now is to cross the upper tray of D. Luis I bridge and enjoy a beautiful landscape from it, one of the many wonders of Porto.
After crossing it, you have now the possibility to descend to Vila Nova de Gaia, the "twin" city of Porto by cable car.
Being here you must visit one of Port wine caves. Port wine is one of the most famous licorous wines of the world. Get to know it history, it importance and of course give yourself the oportunity to taste it. 

We would never finish in a high note if the visit is not to end with a typical Porto dishes, in a delicious lunch in one of the most pituresque places, full with life and colour, of Porto, the Zona da Ribeira.


A cruise in the Douro river

Today we offer you a wonderfull Cruise along the Douro River

Douro River is one of the most important of the country, intimitly attached to Porto and to the Port Wine industry.

What better way to discover this unique Unesco region and its gold product, the Port Wine, than to climb the river from Porto to Pinhão and finishing with a visit to a winery with, what else if not a taste of this precious liquor? Can you thing on a better way? We can not, that is why we decide to offer it to you. 

This trip promesses, going and returning, an amazing landscape, magnificent fotos and memories that are impossible to erase from our minds!


The start will be at Ribeira pier.
Enjoy a breakfast on board with a priviliged view over Douro river. 
It was here at Douro Valley, in 1756, that the first world wine region was delimited and regulamentated.
The wild hills of the valley were transformed, by the work of generations, in socalcs with the goal of planting the vinyards that produces the famouse Port Wine, Douro Doc wines of excelence, sparkling and moscatéis.

Once more lunch will be on board.


We will continue with our destination of Pinhão getting closer and closer.
This magestic landscape was classified by the UNESCO, world heritage as a living evolutionary cultural landscape, in 2001 - o Alto Douro Vinhateiro.

Arrived to Pinhão pier, the next stop will be in a Region state, for a guided visit and wine tasting.

The trip back to Porto, is with us, and we bet that it will be very pleasant as it was all day long.


Birth place of Portugal and Braga

The north of Portugal is like that, we take two steps and wham a UNESCO heritage city, we take another three or four steps and a kick on a cobblestone and poof… another UNESCO heritage city.
Guimarães and Braga are 2 neighboring cities that we couldn't miss.

We start moving towards Braga where we find the Triangle of Faith, Braga's Cathedral, Sameiro Sanctuary and also the Bom Jesus of Braga Sanctuary.
Attention, in this last Sanctuary we will pause and take a few deep breaths.
We will need to re-establish the energy to go up and down the almost 600 steps in one of the most impressive sacred hills in Europe, no wonder they are usually the target of promise by pilgrims! It is necessary to be strong in spirit and faith, but in body as much or more, “here, between us no one listen to our advise”.


In the afternoon we head to Guimarães to visit the acclaimed “Cradle of the Nation”. There is no other way to appreciate Guimarães, its historic center and its architectural grace, but with a walk through the historic center that embraces us in its medieval authenticity. The city's history is marked by its architecture that allows us to observe the most famous landmarks, deep in our heritage, a heritage of each era!
Finally, we visit the Castle of Guimarães and the Palácio dos Duques where we will find the statue of the founding King of Portugal, our Afonso Henriques, our conqueror, our 1st of Portugal.

After all this big day we return to the nest for a good rest



Today we are going to Santa Maria da Feira; we are taking a moliceiro boat through the Aveiro ́s canals, the Portuguese Venice, and we are visiting the museum of the Aliança Caves.

We just woke up and our mind is still absorbing the dizzying impact of these last days, especially yesterday’s! The memories, vibes and experiences, the senses stimulus, scents, flavors, weather, it was all so intense, fresh and pleasant!
All this charming frenzy is just now starting to set and establish in our memory.

However, there is no time to waste! Let's get up and see what we have in store for today! Is it even possible to compete with yesterday? What surprises are reserved for us today?

We will start the day by leaving Porto towards Santa Maria da Feira! A medieval city built around its castle with a singular XV. century architecture.


Mornings are long and ours is just beginning!
After getting to know Santa Maria da Feira we will head to Aveiro, a land of fishmen, and the first stop is hopping on a ride in a
moliceiro (typical boat of the Aveiro canals), in a very humble way, some people compare and refer to the canals of this city, among many other things, “Our Venice”.

At the end of the tour, we will join a Ovos Moles (eng Soft Eggs) workshop (local pastry delicacy), where you will have the opportunity to learn more about the secrets of this very typical conventual attraction.
Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, or if you are interested in flavors, history, the art of creation or not, no one will leave the same way that has arrived, we promise you!

Next and last stop of our morning is having lunch in one of Aveiro’s emblematic restaurants.


Lunch definitely stimulated our appetite one more time and now, with the energies restored, we will continue to arouse, mostly, the aroma and the palate.

We will visit the Aliança Underground Museum which is where sparkling wines, wines and brandies are matured in perfect union with eight truly overwhelming artistic collections - It is an exhibition, developed along the traditional Aliança's wine caves.
This museum covers areas such as archeology, ethnography, mineralogy, paleontology, tiles, ceramics and tin, spanning an impressive time span over millions of years.

Reaching the end of our amazing day, we will return to Porto, for yet another well-earned rest, after all when we thought that this small country could not surprise any more, we realized that we were fully mistaken!

How is it conceivable to have such a wide range of geography, tradition, culture and gastronomy? How is it possible in such a short period of time to live experiences so pleasant and yet so distinct from each other like these were?

Our answer: This is Portugal, this is our country and there is much more waiting for us!


The farewell

We got to our final day and farewell is to be given, but first, let us enjoy our last moments on this trip, together.

Without any dought we are sad with the goodbye, no one prepares us for this wonderfull and intense experience, but time flyes and passing it with friends makes everything more authentic and meaningfull.

We, Portuguese are not very good with goodbyes...
We mixture the sadness of the departure, with the joy of the decision to come!
Definitly the word "saudade", that proudly we say it is ours,
with you we may share it now!

Hope you enjoyed this time together as much as we did
Até Já!
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